It’s been over three years since I last opined here. It is troubling to think about how much time has passed, since I don’t think I’ve been particularly productive as a musician since then. In that time, I’ve written essentially just two pieces and who knows how many 8-bar phrases of vapid melody that will never make it farther than the inside pages of my sketchbook.

The first piece was an andante for horn and piano, which may be my only mature work at this point, and the second exists more as a short suite: incidental music for a small play performed in Palo Alto.

Let’s hope this is all just par for the course in the evolution of a distracted artist. Anyway, this is what I look like now, after three years of withdrawal from the blogosphere:


To the longtime readers, I owe a listening recommendation. For an accessible modern composer, check out Allan Stephenson and his Concerto for English Horn.