Engineering Values

I was recently prompted (perhaps by a voice in my head) to come up with my own set of engineering values. What follows is surely incomplete, but it arrived with an odd clarity. ...

May 17, 2023

Mindfulness and Chess

There is something about mindfulness meditation that relates to the game of chess and what it takes to play the right move in any given moment. Checkmate sunset, @jachymmichael I came upon this idea while struggling through one of’s many puzzles and questioning the utility of practicing them. The puzzles on present the solo player with a single board configuration and ask the player to find the next best move for whichever color’s turn it is....

February 25, 2023

On the Efficacy of Vegan Marches

I wonder if these marches manage to convince enough people to reduce their meat consumption to offset the ill will that they possibly sow. While wandering around in London’s Piccadilly Circus neighborhood, I stumbled upon what I later learned to be the National Animal Rights March. A sizable gathering of colorful and impassioned people, young and old, were marching down the street with signs and banners, advocating greater sensibilities for the treatment of animals and a wholesale prohibition on the consumption of animal meat....

August 30, 2022

When to Write Code Comments

Generally speaking, my advice on this topic would be: Don’t write comments to describe what the code is doing. Code written in an imperative way can be read line by line to determine what processing is being performed. Re-stating the logic or steps of execution in a comment runs the risk of the comment falling out of sync with the code and becoming outdated. If a section of imperative code gets big, unwieldy, and hard to read, that’s probably a sign that a refactoring is needed and some abstractions need to be introduced....

August 17, 2021

Quarantine Likes & Dislikes

In quarantine, I like: Having an easy “out” from social obligations. Not having to bother buying or preparing food for myself. Alone time. Generally, not having to be anywhere at any particular time. I dislike: Any food I do get isn’t quite hot enough. No physical exercise. No dance parties (actual dance parties, like with a DJ and fabulous people). Not being able to hang out with my close friends.

August 17, 2021