Rachmaninoff Had a Dog

As one who adores the larger canine breeds, I felt compelled to make good on my recent tweet by providing proper visual aid. To be fair, the photograph makes no effort to establish the owner relationship between the two subjects, but as I tweeted, it’s darn cute.

… though I wish people made a better effort to smile back in the day.

Rachmaninoff and a Dog
Rachmaninoff and a Dog (senar.ru)

3 thoughts on “Rachmaninoff Had a Dog”

  1. Nobles don’t smile, plus it’s cold in Russia, one would rather not be cheapened by chattering teeth :P Darn, he is good looking, in his own austere Russian way… and he has a cute dog named Levko!!! sigh.. I want a dog, medium to large…

  2. Hah! Levko… thanks for looking up the name. It’s interesting to see how much domesticated breeds have changed over the course of a hundred years. You’d be hard-pressed to find a pooch alive today that looks like Levko.

  3. It looks like Levko may have been an Irish Setter. Shaggy coat, drooping wispy ears, and a long narrow muzzle; good in the water. Snout is very lupine though. Russian czar Alexander II was also known for his beloved Irish Setter named Milord, and his reign overlapped with Rachmaninoff’s youth. Milord may have quite literally been a trend setter. Ho ho!

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